Why Golf Dating Sites Are So Popular?

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The answer to this question is deceptively simple, it’s because of golfers. And if we ask the question of why golfers are such a wanted commodity, the answer becomes more complex. And while some might say it’s because of their status and wealth, this is, in our opinion, an oversimplification of the topic. A certain kind of man likes golf and an even more specific kind of man plays it. If you compare golf to other sports which involve a ball, it’s easy to see why it’s not that popular.

Imagine if the same amount of people who play basketball started playing golf, we would have to create thousands and thousands of new golf courses. But let’s not get bogged down in what if’s and go straight for the jugular. Some women perceive golfers as rich individuals and golf dating sites are an easy solution to their money woes. Otherwise, they would have to join a golf club or god forbid, learn to play golf.

This is a popular opinion when it comes to these sites but we also think that there’s a very large portion of women who are there for entirely different reasons. They are there because they’re looking for a calm, patient, and a determined individual who knows what he wants. Who knows how to control himself and the fire that burns within him. And if you ever played a game of golf, you know that that fire is a freaking volcano.

Just to be perfectly clear, this is just the first article discussing male golfers, stay tuned for the next. We will be talking about why men simply adore female golfers even if they never played a game of golf in their life and more. And if you’re looking for the best golf dating sites, just take a look at:

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