How We Score

We take great pride in sharing real experiences in our Golf dating site reviews and providing more than just sterile facts that do not adequately capture the living nature of Golf dating platforms. However, when it comes to rating sites, we find that maximum objectivity is not only desirable but necessary.

In order to avoid basing our scores on personal opinion, which does not always correspond to reality, we have devised a set of scoring criteria that allow us to objectively assess the quality of each Golf dating site we review. These criteria include Features, Ease Of Use, Safety, Credibility, and Value For Money.

The Golf dating sites that you can read about on all receive individual scores on each aforementioned criterion. The scores are determined during a series of tests and analysis conducted by differently specialized experts.

We start by assessing each site’s credibility and the level of safety it provides to its users. In charge of this delicate process are our trusted researchers who gather all relevant information about the company and people behind the site, analyze the site’s terms of use and privacy policy, and explore the security measures taken to protect user data. Points are deducted for every privacy and security flaw detected as well as lack of transparency or deviation from the best practices in the online dating industry.

Once we determine whether the site in question is trustworthy and safe to use, we move on to discovering how well it does in the feature and ease-of-use departments. Our tech experts work together with our testing team made up of real site members to assign accurate scores on these criteria.

In order to get the highest possible scores on the ease-of-use criterion, a site needs to be suitable for even the least experienced users. In the feature department, it needs to provide both basic and advanced options that facilitate search and communication. Furthermore, it is required to use state-of-the-art matching algorithms that maximize members’ chances of finding their soul mates.

In the final step, we determine whether the site we are currently reviewing offers good value for your money. We always give preference to sites that provide both free and paid subscriptions and give higher scores to sites that offer more possibilities at lower prices. However, to be sure that the scores we assign on this criterion are fair and reliable, we compare similar Golf dating sites, analyze their qualities and prices, and adjust their scores accordingly.

Once all the individual scores are in, we calculate the mean of the scores on all criteria and assign the final rating. Then, we once again compare all sites reviewed thus far and make additional adjustments if deemed necessary to maximize fairness.

This meticulous scoring process ensures that every Golf dating platform featured on our site receives a rating that is not only 100% objective but also an accurate and just assessment of the site’s relative quality in comparison to its competitors.