Tips For Golfers Looking To Avoid Gold Diggers

Golfers, especially professionals, have a certain reputation. In fact, they have a twofold reputation. They are known for being rather wealthy and also quite popular with the opposite sex. This sounds great, but it can be a problem when it turns out that the persons they attract are more interested in their cash.

While this is by no means the case with all non-golfers who join golfer dating sites or tend to mingle with attractive singles who can golf, it is still a reason for caution. So, when it comes to golfer dating, how do you protect yourself from gold diggers? How do you tell whether someone likes you for you, not for your money? Here are a few tips.

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Be Friends Before You Start Dating Seriously

This is good advice in general, not just for avoiding gold diggers. It is always wise to really get to know someone before you start dating seriously, as it can protect you from a world of harm. When you are friends first, everything is more casual, relaxed, and laid back, and there is a better chance the other person will open up and show his or her true self. People often pretend to be something they are not, and gold diggers will certainly pretend to be honest with their feelings about you. But if you give it some time first, you get a much better chance of seeing through their lies.

You may already know that gold diggers are not known for taking it slowly. They are usually excessively affectionateearly on in the relationship and want it to progress as quickly as possible. Obviously, this is because they do not want to wait too long before they start enjoying the financial benefits that come with dating a wealthy person. Therefore, if you suggest being friends first, a gold digger may give up soon.

Pay Attention To The Kind Of Questions They Ask

Since gold diggers take the saying time is money quite literally, they are sure to check your financial status immediately. If you meet someone on a golfer dating website and after half an hour this person starts asking questions like Does your job pay well? or What kind of car do you drive? and other typical questions, this is a major telltale sign that you are dealing with a gold digger.

However, some folks who are primarily interested in cash are more skilled and do not skip straight to questions that could reveal their true intentions. Instead, they may use more subtle ways to extract information. For example, they may start with innocent questions like What do you do/like other than golf? or Have you ever been to Paris? or What is your favorite food/drink? and deduce from your answers whether you have expensive habits and taste.

In such cases, you should focus on the follow-up questions and statements. For example, if you say you went to Paris, a gold digger may ask where you stayed or where you dined, hoping you would mention an expensive hotel or restaurant, giving him or her a chance to steer the conversation in the direction of money. Therefore, no matter how the conversation starts, if financial topics keep cropping up, you definitely have a good reason to suspect he or she may not like you for your personality alone.

Look For Signs Of Gratitude, Generosity & Honest Appreciation

Gold diggers are usually incredibly self-absorbed, and they also try extremely hard to avoid spending their own money. You may not notice their stinginess straight away when you are chatting on a golfer dating site, but it becomes obvious when you take your relationship offline.

The chances of a gold digger offering to pay for dinner or buying you a nice gift with no special occasion are pretty slim. Gold diggers want to receive gifts, not give them. They want to eat for free, not to pay for dinners. They do not see anything beyond your financial status and are therefore unlikely to appreciate you for who you really are. You are sure to sense this pretty soon.

If you want to put your date to a gold-digger test, an inexpensive gift is a great choice. Gold diggers almost inevitably respond negatively to gifts that are not luxurious and they are sure to let you know that it is not just the thought that counts.

Gold Diggers Have A Strong Sense Of Entitlement

Most gold diggers are absolutely convinced they are destined for greater things and that the world owes them something. They feel they are better than the rest and act accordingly. They exaggerate the importance of their achievements and qualities and they are obsessed with success, wealth, and fame. They are often quite openly envious of others, especially rich and famous people.

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On top of that, they do not have a strong sense of empathy and are unable to identify or recognize your needs and feelings. They make sure the relationship revolves around them and only pay attention to what you want and need when they feel they may risk losing your interest and affection – and consequently, your financial support.

Look For Hints About Financial Problems

Oftentimes, a gold digger will complain about his or her financial situation and may even ask for a loan. Of course, in many cases this is a legitimate complaint and the problems are real, but even if that is the case, it is still not something most honest people would discuss during the initial phase of a relationship.

If the suspected gold digger asks for assistance or a loan, try suggesting other ways to solve the problem, like selling their car or another expensive piece of property, getting a second job (or any job – gold diggers rarely actually work), and such. A gold digger will be appalled at such a suggestion since these “painful” solutions are no solutions at all. All they want is a quick solution at someone else’s expense.


As you can see, there is more than one way to spot a gold digger. From an unusual and immediate interest in your financial situation to self-absorption, stinginess, a lack of empathy and interest in your needs and feelings, and a strong sense of entitlement, there are a number of easily identifiable signs that the person you are dating is after your money.

Fortunately, gold diggers quickly lose interest if you do not respond to their financial needs. As long as you take it slowly with your love interests, avoid expensive gifts, and keep an eye out for the signs we mentioned, you are sure to keep gold diggers at bay and avoid spending time on someone who does not deserve your attention.

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