Do you need to know anything about golf before dating a golfer?

Should you know anything about golf

This is the question we get the most and it’s also the most polarizing question in the world of golfer dating. Right away we have to tell you that there’s really no consensus and that there are many different answers to this question. With that being said, we also have to tell you that we have a firm opinion that we’re going to back up with facts. So, the answer is, no, you don’t have to know anything about golf before dating a golfer.

Let us explain and we’ll start with the basics. Let’s assume that we have a woman who doesn’t know anything about golf and that she wants to date a golfer. First of all, even that’s not entirely true as she knows that you have a club with which you hit a ball on a green field and that ball has to go in the whole. If you want to date a golfer you surely must know that. However, you don’t know absolutely anything else about the game. You don’t know the rules, the etiquette, famous players or anything of that matter. Okay, you might have heard about Tiger Woods.

All kidding aside, our next step is to assume that this person joined one of many¬†golf dating sites. She’s ready, eager, and willing to join the wonderful world of online golf dating. Now, she’s faced with two options. She could read up on the game of golf, perhaps even take notes and make them handy while she’s chatting with other online users. Or she could do nothing and just tell the truth and say she doesn’t know anything about the game. We think now you can see where this is going.¬†

If she doesn’t know anything about golf and she’s chatting with someone who knows a lot about golf, he could explain the game to her. He would know that she’s straightforward and honest, something that would not happen in the case she read from her notes. Just imagine something you know a lot about, let’s say your favorite tv show. And then someone who doesn’t know anything about it starts lying to you that they do know something and make huge mistakes along the way. You’ll be able to spot them right away.

This is something you could bond over as your first date can be on the golf course. It also takes any awkward silence out of the equation as both of you have a mission now. He will be happy to help, to educate someone about the game he loves and you’ll be able to get to know the man behind the golfer much quicker. It’s amazing what you can learn this way. Of course, it goes without saying that the opposite is also true. If you’re a man who doesn’t know anything about golf but wants to date a female golfer, she would be happy to help.

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