Are golfers easy prey for women who want their money?

Are golfers easy prey for women who want their money

Behind the rather simplistic question of whether are golfers easy prey for women who want their money hides a complex answer. Don’t worry, we’re going to break it down and offer you a bite-sized answer. We need to start with the main theory this myth purports. It’s no secret that golfers are wealthy and there’s simply no denying this fact. We’re usually talking about businessmen who own or run highly successful companies or professionals who are also making a lot of money. If you’re one of those women who want to take advantage of men and their wealth, this seems like an easy solution.

You just “infiltrate” the field or anything surrounding it and you’re a wolf in a chicken coop. Right? The only problem with this theory is that there’s a reason why all these men are wealthy and successful. They are smart, resourceful, rational, and able to see trouble coming from a mile away. No matter how attractive that trouble may look. However, you can then turn the whole thing around and claim that golfers are actually going to take advantage of those poor women because they know what are their intentions.

A Golf Gold Digger

The only problem with that theory is that golfers are on that beautiful green field for one thing that means a million different things and that thing is golf. Golfers want to play golf, it’s as simple as that. This brings us to the next step in our analysis. We’ve already established that most golfers are highly successful and with that success comes stress, anxiety, depression, and a whole slew of other problems. Problems golf offers a simple solution to. However, when they get to those pearly gates, golfers are indeed in need of some relaxation.

And this makes them emotionally vulnerable. This single issue is at the center of the whole problem. If you’re not thinking straight, then you open yourself up to a whole range of malicious tactics. You’re trying to get away from the busy courtroom or the corporate headquarters. And when you’re playing golf, you let your guard down. So, this means that someone can exploit that situation. While this might be true for a small percentage of golfers, it’s certainly not true for the majority. It’s simply wishful thinking by some of those malicious entities who are looking for an easy buck.

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Additionally, you know what can save golfers in this situation, golf! Yes, you simply cannot fake the emotions and everything that comes with this beautiful game. And true golfers will be able to easily spot the ones who are there for something else. Finally, in today’s modern world, golf dating has moved almost completely online. The sites we reviewed, while we were making our list of Best Golf Dating Sites, have thousands and thousands of members. So, emotional vulnerability does not come into play at all. 

So, in conclusion, no golfers are in no danger of so-called “gold diggers” any more than any other group of wealthy individuals. In fact, you might argue the opposite is true as the connection between the golfer and his potential partner is golf. A game you really need to “get” before you start talking about it and using it for your own nefarious purposes. So, you can rest easy and continue to do what you love. After all, it’s always a good time for another game…

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